Monday, 3 December 2012

Headphone girl

3rd Dec 2012

What a drab Sunday. We were struggling to work on our films after such a long hiatus. Here's the sketch I did today. Forced myself to color it. Also, sorry for the boring title! I couldn't think of anything else. I always draw american girls, so I decided to draw a dark skinned asian with black hair today instead.

Here's something I learnt this week. Never compromise on your personal work. It's okay if you slack with your diploma project, or your internship a little bit, as long as you're giving it your best, but never stop working on your own projects, your own drawings. This is something that keeps us going, keeps are hands moving and motivates us to work on everything else because this is where and why we started in the first place. To express, and to allow people to see and feel things from our perspective.

 I get through most of the week thanks to my best bud Alok NR. I hope everyone has someone they can pour out their insecurities in art to, and someone who can keep them motivated and going even at the worst and stressful times. (Check out his awesome blog)

Cheers and have a happy week!

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