Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lissa Treiman's blog and Bill Pressing's painting process

6th Dec 2012

Whenever I find a story blog, I am always overexcited to see the artists work. So I was browsing cartoonbrew > saw the annie award nominations for story > found Lissa Treiman's uber cool blog!! She's a story artist at Disney.
I have spent the entire morning archiving her wonderful work. So funny and so simple! Drool. I wish I did so much work fr myself as she does, besides her boards for pixar/disney. I also don't get how she manages to maintain her own style while working in disney, where most people have a consistent way of drawing characters.

Anyway, do check out her blog. Besides her awesome work, >>

©Lissa Treiman

Here's Bill Pressing's painting process she mentioned and followed in one of her blog posts. So so helpful!
Hope you guys like it.


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    1. She's absolutely brilliant. Imagine a board artist who can use watercolors! The wonders they can do with the knowledge of staging, drama and continuity! <3 Stalking her like I stalk Willie Real.


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