Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sketchbook stuff

11th Dec 2012

Here're some old (November) sketchbook scans that I did for fun. Some while watching Xmen, Spiderman, myself in the mirror, Inception, some from memory and some from life (Miramar beach - where I grew up).

Wish I'd take the effort to turn the sketches into lineart and even color them traditionally! :( But I'm too lazy. Still trying!!

Oh yeah - this is Steve Hickner; did a wanna-be caricature of him while watching his talk on CTNx. (It was very inspirational! I'd say a must-see for everyone who wants to be in the animation industry)


  1. Go ahead color them, these sketches are amazing.

    1. Thanks Tinew, will definitely get to it! It's kinda on the phobia line where I'm afraid of ruining it. But yes! I shall take the challenge! :)

  2. nice sketches nikhita ! keep them coming.


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