Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tooth - Rise of the Guardians

26th Dec 2012

Rise of the Guardians has finally come to India!! :D And besides a few story glitches here and there (and also, I was hoping for a better end for 'Pitch'), I absolutely LOVED it! I loved the fact that they brought a totally insignificant character (Jack Frost) into the limelight, and the acting of Jack and Pitch was absolutely brilliant. I loved all the characters and loved almost everything about it. :) So I had to do some fanart. So I drew a sketch of 'Tooth' (Tooth fairy) from Rise of the Guardians!

Most of my friends didn't like her character, and thought it was the weakest of all of them. But I think she was kind of a catalyst to get the story moving, just like 'North'. The drawing and the colors completely from memory - proving that it must've been a really great character design. (Now I gotta find his/her name). Hope you like it!


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