Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Quentin Tarantino

There is a Tarantino fest happening every Monday and Wednesday in college. We're screening some of his best movies. So I made a caricature of him for the poster. (This is a nicer cleaned up version.;))
Everyone's invited!


So sorry for the long hiatus guys, but it's been really crazy with sound design, Ud Jayega, Porfolio preps going on.To top it all attending n helping in our film club and managing and editing Hive is getting REALLY difficult. Anywho. Claymation editing is finally complete, and all I've got to do now is put the sound in there, which I'll probably do after sound design.

For now, here are a few sketches I've been doin lately, and some old gestures and live animal sketches too(katraj zoo is a pretty good library!). Enjoy.

The Greedy Pencil

This blog is a collection of (some of) my work, the art I do for fun, my inspirations and the sweat that goes into making animated films. Enjoy!