Sunday, 29 December 2013

Birthday Rock n' Roll Darren!

27th Dec 2013

Finally I can upload this coz I just gifted it to my friend Darren for his birthday! Hope he liked it! It was so much fun painting this one. I took reference from his profile pictures like a creepy stalker for his character and his epiphone guitar. Everything else comes from knowing him! XD Done in 5 wee hours of the morning!

done on Painttool SAI
You can listen to his music HERE

Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 34 - Speedpainting of my house corner

23rd Dec 2013

Another study. I clicked the snap today coz there was a lot happening there in terms of lighting. I tried the setting the values right first and then adding colors of the same value/tone. It kind of worked out but I didn't use the exact same values while converting to color. 

                B/W                                                  Colored                                       Original

Speedpainting under 60 mins
Points awarded: 100

Also here's a VERY helpful link on values and color studies from this VERY helpful blog called Muddy colors. I found it very useful and thought-provoking to how see things as artists. Shared by Alok the awesome.

Day 33 - Fashion Illustration #01

23rd Dec 2013

So yeah one of the things most people don't know about me is that I love fashion, and I love people who can really drape themselves up. I decided to do this for fun, took bout 3-4 hours. Wish I had a better sense of color. I tried exploring with some forms and colors and textures, but the textures didn't go as much. Cheers!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 32 - Kate Beckett 'Speedpaint'

21st Dec '13

Only 10 days till new years and I still have to make a lot of resolutions! I finally got my ass to paint 'speedpainting' of kate beckett from Castle! I love her character, and I tried really hard to get the likeness right. It looked kinda okay until the sketch stage but then it just went haywire during the painting.

Also I tried really hard to do it under 30 mins, but the first 15 mins went into the setup and the sketch, and then it even exceeded 1 hr. :(


 Beckett Speedpaint
Total time taken: 2hrs
Points awarded: 50

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Painttool SAI, Sherlock and Shagun!

17th Dec 2013

Well after SOOO long I made some 'artwork' and not practice unfinished drawings. One of my favorite deviantartists named Barukuri said she uses painttool SAI to paint her artworks, so I decided to download the trial and mess around with it. This is an absolutely GREAT software for painting. There are only a few presets and brushes and textures, but they're absolutely wonderful!! And it's got the same shortcuts as photoshop, but things are def. a little different. The colors and the brushes just look amazing! I didn't spend too much time on it, but I came up with this..

The resolution isn't great because I hadn't planned an artwork when I started. I just wanted to paint something fresh and it turned out to be this! It's actually inspired from the BBC Sherlock. I can't wait for Season 3! I'm so glad I did something for myself, and I started a new beautiful software today! XD XD

On the sidelines, I noticed I just got 111 followers! In India that's a lucky number, it's called 'Shagun', which means giving more than a hundered (more happiness than desired); generally a sum of 111 is given as a gift during weddings and other celebrations. It's hard to translate it. So thanks guys!


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