Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sketchbook nudes and travels!

7th Feb 2013

As usual I am posting these very late. I'm such a lazy bum when it comes to scanning. Here're a few doodles from my sketchbook. I used my color pencils after really long!

Also we were travelling a really far off distance for one of my friend's sisters wedding. It was so far, and we got lost atleast thrice. After a point I took out my sketchbook and started sketching at the bike of the bike. Here're the sketches from that day.

 Travelling with Madhu and Alok

I was sitting behind Arvind. This is him. 

Frequently asking for directions!

This is what most of the journey turned out to be like. Forked roads!

 A passing bridge

Friday, 15 February 2013

Pirouette animation experiment

15th Feb 2012

Made this last night for fun! It's completely out of memory. I think I watch too much So You Think You Can Dance. I wish to learn contemporary dance some day and do one successful pirouette. Other one on the bucket list. It's not perfect, because I don't know dance and I didn't see any reference, but I hope you like it!
You can right click and turn the loop on if you like.

I can't stress on how important it is for an artist to do work for himself. In the journey of art as a profession, one forgets why one did this for money in the first place. Doing work for yourself reminds you how rewarding and how truthfully happy it makes you to animate something.
I can't do a pirouette now, but my drawings can. ;)

Pirouette from Nikhita Prabhudesai on Vimeo.

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