Saturday, 19 February 2011

Project "Ud Jayega"

Ahem ahem. This is a series of works I've done till date with what I call as, project "ud jayega", a very philo-senti song sung by Kumar Gandharva, but the song is really written by Kabir. The song is about upliftment of of the soul into the world of nature, and seeing everything in a new light. My soul is a woman, and the story board is a depiction of her travel, and return as a part of nature.

This is the roughest stage, and if I've got some time I'll clean it up.

Further on, each of us are making the treatment for the film as we first visualized it. Here are some of the artworks I came up with..

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Unbelievable fact

Unbelievable fact I noticed after reading the 2009 annual report provided by Animation Mentor!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Nest from Nikhita Prabhudesai on Vimeo.

A movie we had made for 'Still in Motion', a film-making contest in our annual fest (Quasar) at M.I.T Institute of Design. We won second place! :)

Four Tracks were given, and we had to interpret the music in any way we wanted.

(c) M.I.T Institute of Design

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Claymation trailer

Claymation trailer from Nikhita Prabhudesai on Vimeo.

A short clip of our movie made with Vaibhav Kumaresh.
(c)nikhita p, alok n.r and vicky punjabi.

My very first linetest.

My very first linetest. from Nikhita Prabhudesai on Vimeo.

This was done in the first week of my first semester. I had no idea about timing or anything, but I wanted a simple page-flip. My friend Sarang jumped in through the classroom window and volunteered to flip the page with his hand! And wah-lah! ;)


Tragedy from Nikhita Prabhudesai on Vimeo.

My 4th sem sack movie, my first short film using a rice sack and a a prop (flask).
Took about a month to produce this.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

An M.I.Tian's Jury

An illustration I worked on to show how juries are conducted in M.I.T.

The Greedy Pencil

This blog is a collection of (some of) my work, the art I do for fun, my inspirations and the sweat that goes into making animated films. Enjoy!