Friday, 28 September 2012

Pinched - short film by David Vandervoort

This is ridiculous!! Watch this mind-boggling film by David Vandervoort! brilliant colors, angles and absolutely crazy animation!!! :D :D Congrats to him, and enjoy this kickass film guys, u don't wanna miss a SECOND!

Pinched from David Vandervoort on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to Draw the Head - by Stan Prokopenko

Reposting a really helpful resource that cleared out a lot of confusion regarding drawing the human head, and refreshed some old knowledge as well! Hope you guys find these helpful too!

If you liked those, there're more links on the eyes on his youtube channel.

Download Speed

25th September 2012

Lately the college has royally reduced the download speed for sadistic reasons. The buffer speed of an average youtube video has gone to 20 minutes for a 5 minute video. Vicky, my dear friend is often frustrated by this, so instead of the browsing he has switched to downloading, which WAS faster. Until now. They got a step ahead of us. The evil data centre has once again made our life miserable by reducing the download speed as well!

Us kutte ne download speed kum kardi hai; That dog's reduced the download speed also!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Random characters

23rd September 2012

Did a lot of some pretty nice character designs for the firm I'm working for (Atnovus Design, Switzerland). My first paid experience! Wish I could upload them here, but it's against their policy! Anyway, here's some other stuff I was scribbling in between.

It's been too long since my last gesture drawing session. I feel so rusted! But these were from the heart. So maybe next time I'll do something with fancy anatomy or line of action. ;)


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

One Day - Gobelins

This film has left me speechless. I absolutely loved the concept and it's absolutely wonderful execution. The animation was so beautiful and I'm glad I got to read so much about Laurent Rossi's 'making of' in this film! I'm making my short film right now as well and I had a lot of questions regarding this film. The compositor must be really good because the camera, the 3D, the water and the reflections all looks so gorgeous and real, and yet they fit in the movie so well. The bgs and the light is stunning!


Also here is his making of post! :)

Congrats to the whole team on the film! It has been in suspense for so long and I'm so stunned by the amount of work that must have gone into it. It's absolutely beautiful and I would say it's the best of this year's gobelins films.

If you want to see all of this year's gobelins films, here's the lineup on flooby nooby.

The Greedy Pencil

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