Thursday, 13 December 2012

Kingfisher spotted

13 Dec 2012

I really wish I could board faster. I can't believe I spent approx. 5 hours on this. :| Boards should be quick! Anyway, I decided I had to do this and leave all other work aside. Lose inhibition and tell a story I want to tell!

My friend Krithika and I had just come back from watching Hotel Transylvania (I went with really low expectations) which was really good in terms of animation and the amazing visuals, compositions and editing! It had a good first half with the introduction of the major characters, but on the downside, it had a super flawed and unrealistic storyline (even for an animated movie)! Anyway, on the way back to the insti, we caught a glimpse of something turquoise!
So here goes.

It was pretty much the end, until





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