Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hello, Blog.

Yes, I am truly very very disappointed with myself. I haven't even logged in in all the shame. I'm sure noone must be waiting for the next Project JH posts, of-course, but I had my jury on the 8th and my last post seems to have been on the 6th. I don't have anything made for JH since and I feel like I've cheated myself. So, atleast for the blog, by tomorrow I will be uploading some sketches, old as well as new, and start writing down briefs for my Mailbox film which will probably and hopefully be complete by the end of March 2012.

I have been home since the 12th. After my jury I watched a few more, chilled, watched movies, organized all my data and made backups. It seems to be a great idea to keep a backup atleast every 31st of the month. Very nice indeed. Akhil (fellow MITian and Goan) and I drove down on the 11th and reached Goa very late. I should've started work by 12th, but home's getting to me. I'm absorbing the wonderful food and relaxation - almost storing it up for the coming Sem. I'm not gonna be seeing a lot of home then, which is why I wanna make the most of it. En and I have kept it touch with each other to make sure we're working somehow, and my mailbox story started fleshing out after some brain-nibbing! Sometimes I even get a headache coz my mind runs faster than my hands! Did some photography today with Aakash at Fontainhas (the old protected part of Panjim), but it got dark coz we meet a friend Assavari who's a photographer. Had sandwiches with her and heard a lot of stories about photography and how Goa was back in the old days. Learnt a lot and got a few inspirations for my characters. You can check out the photos HERE.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the coming film. My first real short film!! Until then, small goals, an illustration/sketch or two a day, or short 3D clips to encourage myself will fill me up.

The pencil stays greedy.



  1. even i feel like being on same court.....
    just to keep it short...i will say " grab your pencil and keep doing "

  2. yup. That's what I've been telling myself! :P


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