Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ram-dhara trip

A bunch of us (En, Kitu, Nishit, Anindiya, Pooja, Shekhar, Shaan, Saurabh and Chiru sir) went for a sketching trip at Raam-dhaara). These are some pages from the sketchbook.


  1. how do u get the time and patience to scan and put up so much?i cant get myself got to the scanner.

  2. nikhita-your gestures on bg's are pretty good.. try with some water colour there and then only.. would be a great study..
    Alok-you can even click pics!!! i even dont have a camera with me!! and pls keep your phone in working condition :)

  3. These simple sketches are very nice and lively, also i like the comic book framing in one of them.. a very different way of looking at live drawings. Good going Nikhita :)

  4. @Alok: Don't even ASK!

    @Ravi, thanks, I kinda suck at landscape drawing.. so I made more of those this time. :P!

    @Bondhu, thanks so much for the comment! I'm encouraged!


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