Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 7 & 8 - Ball Bounce 01

5th n 6th Dec 2011

So basically I'm doing my sem 6 and 7 all over again. I think I need to refresh my basics.. Thanks to the amazing links from the 11 sec club blog like fighting panda and brendon body, I am able to finish this basic ball bounce and I've become a little more confident in doing its timing in 3D now.. So here goes.. Enjoy!

And this was easier! All I had to do was move the keys along the X axis and walla! it was done. The rotation took a little time and maybe I could work a little more on it.. Had to experiment more with the rig I had. In my next experiment I'll be trying different balls without a rig.. Lets see how that one turns out. :P!

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