Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

25th Dec '11

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Here in India we don't celebrate much of Christmas - unless we're christian! Being Goan does has its advantages of being part of this festival. Goa is paradise in December. It's lit, people are jolly and exchanging cakes, Bebinka, Dodol and chocolates. You see Christmas trees and cribs around you and the churches have the traditional Konkani midnight mass. Although I didn't do much this Christmas, I think it may have just been the best 2 days of Christmas I've ever celebrated. My family got together and me and my cousins made it through an impromptu plan of Shaami(my elder cousin bro - Abhinav)'s reckless driving (he's gonna kill me if he reads this), a match of beach Frisbee, swimming at Shivani-Soham's place, Rummikub and Pictionary (with Dhanu's innovate drawing skills), ghost stories at the terrace, and more swimming and eating at my place. So much that my body's been ACHING! :'(

BUT here's the thing guys, this post was NOT about Christmas, although I have the gift for gab. This is about Inception - the best part of today!
I was waiting to get a copy of a Bluray print of Inception and had vowed not to watch for the second time until I did. Thanks to Alok and a wonderful Christmas vacation, I could fulfill my long awaited rewatch! :D
Read the rest of this post if your not bored yet.


  1. nice caricaturing and composition on that one. try to finish this if possible.! merry xmas!

  2. thanks! technically its completely wrong.. :P! yup. will try to finish it. :)


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