Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 19 - Speedpainting #03 - Emma Stone/Gwen Stacy

9th July 2012

This one was supposed to done in 30 mins, but I've royally exceeded the time limit, nullifying the whole purpose of a 'speed painting'! :( I'm happy with it, except her face. I tried my best to make her look as cute as she looks in my eyes, but her eyes needed to be lower. Her jaw was super hard. I took 30 mins just to make a rough sketch!! :( 
I loved Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy! I love her no matter what she plays!! She's my latest favorite actress. Here's the result of 2 hours of backache. Need to be much much quicker and just catch the masses. I guess this is a proper digital painting.
 Original photograph

Speedpainting #03


  1. hey this is really nice :) !
    the face is a real hard thing to speed paint .Too many details.I learnt it the hard way. Kinda takes the fun off the speed paint experience for me.
    Another thing i noticed is apart from her face everything else is pretty much large areas of colour in this photo.I think the image is even colour enhanced a bit.Try something where the overcast feeling of a rainy day is a bit more obvious.will help understand lighting better.just suggesting from a speed paint exercise point of view.
    but the painting is really nice.Even i should paint Miss Stone some time.;)

    1. Yes it is!! I realized after the whole thing was done that the proportion of her features is incorrect!! :(
      yeah, the next one will definitely be natural lighting. I knew the bg was large masses, but I badly wanted to paint a face, and that was a challenge in this one. You're right, next ones will be moody. :)

  2. a parallel face study series (painting faces with blocks of colours) could be an option.

    1. Yeah, gotta resist the temptation of painting the details!


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