Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 18 - Speedpainting #02 - Morning Light

8th July 2012

Phew, I was hoping I'd finish today's speedpainting. I really wanna keep this up no matter what work comes in between!
Today I tried to find a good image to study morning light. the process of finding a photo took really long. :( Maybe I shouldn't be so picky - anyway, I am pretty happy with this. In ten minutes time I was so frustrated coz I'd just finished a few basic patches. :( This stuff is so hard. But I think I can come to terms with the mood of the painting, I think I nailed that. :) I learned a lot about hard light and soft light here. Also I got a reminder of how badly I suck at draweing drapery and cloth. :'( Will work on that as well.

 Origial photograph

My speedpainting

Criticism and feedback is highly appreciated!


  1. woah! i love this one man! its the body in the mid did miss a few dark shadows near the knee but i like it this way better,the photo does look a bit too edited with all those dark patches anyway.painting the human body is real fun.!

    1. thanks! I really thought it'd turn out shitty in the first 10 minutes. I was really struggling. Yeah, you realize all of that when you zoom out and compare the two a few hours later. Coz u'd been staring at it too long! :

      Thanks for the feedback! :)


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