Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 17 - Speed Painting #01 - Sunset

7th July 2012

Finally!!! it's been so long but I finally got myself to do my first ever 'speed painting', or rather, what I THINK a speedpainting is, although  I have no idea why it's called that, coz it takes forever. I took exactly 1 hr 6 mins, but from now on I'm gonna have to set an alarm. When it rings, I will stop, no matter how finished the painting is or at what stage it has progressed. Tomorrow it'll be 45 minutes and then I'll try to stick to 30 mins. It hurts! :-s I learned so much by doing this. Lighting, understanding color, tones and values. I think I can proudly say I'm pretty happy with this one, especially since it's my first.

The original photograph

 My version in 1 hour. 

From this I conclude two things - I need to have a better control on tones and saturation especially.
I constrained myself a lot. I have used only the brush tool to paint this. No burn or dodging, as much as it itches me to do this. And no color correction. It is also painted on only 2 layers.


  1. beautiful!thumbnail image shown in the blogger is of original image. i was amazed! but then clicked and got hold of my breath littl, not full...coz its still insane.

    1. Thanks so much Ravi, it's very encouraging when you hear this. I'm gonna keep at it. :)

  2. As ^ he would say.'Vernaice!!" Truly insane.Do more.And I suggest you try non silhouette photos too cos that gives a lot of scope for colour study.But for for 1 hr this is dam nice.get it down to 30 mins tonal understanding is quite infinitesimal so i really don't have any points to nit pick on this . I think its just great :).

    what resolution did you do this on though ?

    1. Thanks en! It's good to hear it from you, since you started this whole thing! (Or maybe Amy Lee, or maybe Goro!) I'll try my best to get it down to 30 tonight.

      I think I worked on 72 so that my laptop doesn't hang. Should I increase it?


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