Monday, 28 November 2011

Project JH!

This guy, Jonathan Hardesty , is truly an inspiration. Thanks En for sending me the link on facebook.
I'm overwhelmed so what I'm talking about may not be of perfect sense to anyone reading, so go ahead and read this post:

After that, go ahead and see the original thread by Jonathan Hardesty posted on
Lately I've seen a lot of brilliant work from brilliant people. Another guy named James Benson made some kickass 3D animation. Click HERE to see it. I was so thrilled I had to email him and tell him what an inspiration he was! He's self taught for 8 months and he's already working and the creepiest and most scary part of it is that he's just 22! That's just 2 yrs older! And he's achieved SO much. One day I hope to get somewhere like these indiviuals. All my career role models are online, and here I am, working on my courses, complaining sometimes, when I really.can't.complain!

I've decided on two things:
1) Like Jonathan I am gonna make atleast 1 sketch and 1 painting a day. I will scan it and regularly put it up here, no matter HOW bad it is. There will be a daily post, a daily thread, telling myself how much I've improved. I dunno about forums as such, although it would be great to get feedback.
2) Animation is a part of my life. No matter what kind of blog this is (it started as my 'doodle' blog), I will freely post my thoughts on animation and on my dreams here, whether anyone finds it worky or not. I will also not care about the fact that I'm writing on a keyboard instead of a pen (something I often think of) :P! My mind wanders over a lot of things and I don't always put them down, but I will now, I will out here.

Lets see how this works out. I'm gonna call this - project JH (for my inspiration). Well. I'll start today. It's 10:37, so I'll scan whatever I make by tomorrow.


"The only difference between successful people and
unsuccessful people is extraordinary determination."

-- Mary Kay Ash

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