Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 3 - PJH - Kapil Dev's in coll!

30th Nov 2011

Phew.. that was the most jobless and tiring day together! I basically wasted the whole day, (almost), playing adventure world and refreshing the page again and again when my energy got over, waiting for it to refill. (It's a really nice game with great colours and design! Love it. Go zynga!)

Later I went to the canteen (all together I went there 5 times between 10 am and 7pm). Now you might wonder how I'm so jobless so suddenly. Well, basically I am going through the i-hardly-care-phase which happens just before the juries. I'm not tense, infact on the contrary, I really stop caring about all the incomplete work. mind you this happens only at saturation point, and I'd already hit it. I was sick of Maya. And to top it, I hated it. Hated every bit of it.

En went to sleep at 5pm in the old studio and I decided to dig up Red (our plant)'s soil to keep it loose. After it was all loose it felt like meditation to touch it. And we din do gestures, or play frisbee. People don't have time for fun now. Why? Because they're preparing for their juries 1 week prior, something they should have done ages back. My poor friend Alok is having a hard time with modelling. He's on the verge of commiting suicide - and before I got there I had to do something. ANYthing. That's one of the reasons Project JH happened, and happened now, that.

Before I was to leave for hostel en was at the peak of a swing. So I decided to stay and start his rigging for him. Din wanna leave him grumpy. Then I had the worst food EVER ordered from Aswad. Salty uncooked noodles with no vegies and no chicken. The chicken lollypops were like rocks on sticks. Guhh! So after 2 bites I couldn't take it and threw them out. No wonder it was just 50 bucks.

Anisha called, and then Akar. This was just before I left, at 10pm! They urgently needed a caricature done, and they decided to ask me! The amazing cricketer Kapil Dev! He was gonna come to coll. today so they wanted to give him something. I was overexcited. Kapil Dev! Recieving my caricature of him! I could probably get a photo and a signature! Here was the catch - 9:30 am sharp with the dean! and it was to be kept a secret (for some reason)!
Anything to dump maya and do some 2D stuff!! That too with color. Little did I know that I was expecting so much from myself that I took a whole 6 hrs to finish it. 6 HOURS! It's 6 am right now, and I'm finally going to bed. I'm pretty happy with the results, and I hope you all like it too!

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