Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mt. Abu sketches

I had a wonderful time at Mt. Abu, at Tapan's place. It was really a well-lit diwali! We went to his school, to Nakki lake, Bikaner Palace, Trevor's Tank, Gurushikhar, Dilwara Jain Temple, Gaumuk and Shiv Temple. We went to the tibetan market and shopped on the last day! There was crowd everywhere, mostly Gujjus.

Luckily I got to sketch at some of the places we visited. Here is some of the stuff outta my sketchbook.

Here's a comic strip I came up with with Dwaj - Tapan's younger cousin in std. 8. He loves Osama - he's obsessed with drawing him. There were a lot of cows in Abu and we had just come back from Chitrakatha '11 - COWfest.. So I made the trip's theme - Osama VS. Cow! Here's the truth.

The last few drawings are for a shortfilm concept I'm working on about a girl who travels and visits her friends over the country and is made to eat by all the moms and aunties.


  1. These Abu sketches are really cool!! nice studies... keep them up.. hoping, i can post my sketchbook soon... i have whole bunch of sketches piled up..

  2. Thanks Ravi.. I have a lot more to scan and post here myself! :)


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