Wednesday, 12 September 2012

One Day - Gobelins

This film has left me speechless. I absolutely loved the concept and it's absolutely wonderful execution. The animation was so beautiful and I'm glad I got to read so much about Laurent Rossi's 'making of' in this film! I'm making my short film right now as well and I had a lot of questions regarding this film. The compositor must be really good because the camera, the 3D, the water and the reflections all looks so gorgeous and real, and yet they fit in the movie so well. The bgs and the light is stunning!


Also here is his making of post! :)

Congrats to the whole team on the film! It has been in suspense for so long and I'm so stunned by the amount of work that must have gone into it. It's absolutely beautiful and I would say it's the best of this year's gobelins films.

If you want to see all of this year's gobelins films, here's the lineup on flooby nooby.


  1. superb...its too good for inspiration..
    Thanks for the upload...


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