Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Download Speed

25th September 2012

Lately the college has royally reduced the download speed for sadistic reasons. The buffer speed of an average youtube video has gone to 20 minutes for a 5 minute video. Vicky, my dear friend is often frustrated by this, so instead of the browsing he has switched to downloading, which WAS faster. Until now. They got a step ahead of us. The evil data centre has once again made our life miserable by reducing the download speed as well!

Us kutte ne download speed kum kardi hai; That dog's reduced the download speed also!


  1. hahaha nice.....Kutte Ka download centre :)

  2. haha..
    Tell vicky I get 1.5 mbps download speed and watch 1080p videos without any lag.
    (Rubbing it on his face) :P

  3. LOL! Thanks, I think he's burning with jealousy! :D Missing you here man. Hope u know.


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