Saturday, 14 April 2012

Warrior Review

13th April 2012

When En told me I'd feel happy after watching Warrior, I gave him 'the look'. How can I film named 'Warrior' make me happy? He said I would like it. Of-course I liked it, not only that, I loved it. It was absolutely stunning. Technically the shots weren't artsy and I don't think that was the purpose of the director anyway - but it sure had a lot of continuity. The film goes through a lot of emotional conflicts more than anything else. After a point you're in their shoes. From the beginning you know what the end is gonna be - the two brothers will have to fight against each other - it is predictable. What you don't know how they will arrive at that point, and you want to know who will win and what will happen to them after that.

Warrior was very close to 'Fighter' in terms of the concept, but it was so much more emotionally satisfying, it breaks my heart. Nick Nolte who plays the father has acted so well that after a long time I cried for a character. Tom Hardy makes you hate him and Joel Edgerton makes you want him to win at every point. It's gripping throughout and it makes your heart ache. It makes you cheer with them, laugh with them, get angry with them and feel pain with them. Absolutely wonderful.

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