Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Gesture Drawing Session - 24th April

24th April

Wow, I can't remember the last time I sketched/posted gestures! True, it's been a long time - but also true is my state of absolute stress and escaist tendencies. I've been running away from the fear of making a shitty movie and involving myself in games like Alladin (a childhood comfort) and Pottermore (this is based ON my childhood (Harry Potter)). I wish it never got over and JK Rowling lived as long as Nicholas Flamel. The fever is not back - it never died. I hate it when I talk about Hogwarts and people tell me to grow up! Anyway, more on that later (hopefully).

Gestures have become highly dependent on self-initiative now. Since juries are closing in, everyone's buy with coursework and noone has the time to sketch gestures. I was feeling super let down and rusty, so I sketched these from the AMAZINGly resourceful gesture drawing tool from Pixellovely. I used to use this for anatomy study as well.

So here's how they turned out. I'm embarassed! I went from getting-better to smelly drawings! Anyway. They all took about 1 minute to sketch and 1 minute for tone. Here goes.

I've sketched this Asian man before. He always seemed to have weird anatomy to me. Here I tried to quickly study color along with the lighting. Pretty decent for the first time eh?


  1. Nice drawings! Have you read 'Drawn to Life'
    (Walt Stanchfield lectures). They will definitely help you if you haven't - re-iterate how you can/should exaggerate even more than you might think you can in a drawing. Just add that even extra bit of stretch.
    I love your character designs - 1st year?

    1. Thanks James! I've become really rusty to be honest. :( Yeah, I've read the first volume, but I definitely need to re-read it!
      Thanks for the suggestion, I'm gonna work at it!
      Ha! This is embarassing, but I'm in my fourth year actually...!

  2. No, I only asked because i couldn't see lots of animation - but your concept and character art is brilliant!Is that what you want to be? (don't worry, i'm no expert - was just commenting on the already great drawing skills you do have.) Keep it up!

    1. Haha.. It's okay I'm gateful for the honesty. :) Well, yeah, I love drawing characters, but I'm more interested in telling stories, so I dream of being a storyboard artist. :)
      Well here we learnt more of the techniques, we haven't really made a proper short film yet. But its on its way - I'm doing my final film. It'll hopefully be out by July end. :P

    2. http://thegreedypencil.blogspot.in/search/label/animation

      This is the animation we've done so far. I would say its my weakest subject! :-s


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