Saturday, 14 April 2012

Postman character Design!

13th April 2012

I'm finally satisfied with all the exploration and brain storming on this guy - and I LOVE how he turned out. I have only one concern now - whether he'll look as good in my animation - which is probably my weakest subject. Enjoy the sketches!

The postman first turn around. I was all in for the dot eyes - I even used them for my boards for both the characters, but realized the film was very expressive and there was little I could play with with the dot eyes. So I changed that.

I started changing the form, exploring with a-symmetry to create interest and balance it out.

The final cleaned up turn around of the postman.

A basic color palette used for the postman. It may change here and there when it reaches ink and paint. This is the first thing I had in mind when I first thought of the story.

The postman in action! ;) I really like how he turned out. Hope I can make him look the same throughout the film. That's all for now! Tata!

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