Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The process of film making

29th Feb 2012

Finally I'm getting a breather.. After 6 was just breathing time. I've been slogging for a week on my storyboard. It was super fun! I was actually anticipating it after the script, but at the same time I was terrified as to how I would visualize it. Only a few out of a hundred shots were clear to me in the start. I knew it would be harder to draw it than to write it, I just didn't know how hard. On the way I discovered ways of how staging plays such an important role. At every stage I asked myself what I was trying to convey in every frame of my board. I got stuck at a point during my climax, and I pushed myself so hard over a few hours that my brains fried, and the creative juices did not flow! So I took an off that night and went to sleep. The next morning I cracked it and things were back in track. The schedule was so screwed by then. I was 4 days late, and had eaten time from my color script. But today I finished the animatic's first draft. I showed it to my 2 mentors, who gave me a few changes which I'll do tonight itself. I made a new schedule and hopefully I won't delay it any further and things will run on time. There are no more breathers. No saturdays or sundays, no film club and no HiVE for me anymore. This is it. But I'm truly enjoying the process of film making. I don't think I can get a high on anything else as much as I do on this.

Will post the animatic here after the changes. So long! :D Here's a peak from the first scene!.

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