Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 34 - Speedpainting of my house corner

23rd Dec 2013

Another study. I clicked the snap today coz there was a lot happening there in terms of lighting. I tried the setting the values right first and then adding colors of the same value/tone. It kind of worked out but I didn't use the exact same values while converting to color. 

                B/W                                                  Colored                                       Original

Speedpainting under 60 mins
Points awarded: 100

Also here's a VERY helpful link on values and color studies from this VERY helpful blog called Muddy colors. I found it very useful and thought-provoking to how see things as artists. Shared by Alok the awesome.


  1. lot of typos in the post. whats the 'values thing' ? you gotta post this n catch a train or wot ? :D Chigosam. keep em coming yo!

  2. Sorry Bsa! Yeah I kinda was in a hurry.. to go to bed!! :P Lol thanks anyway! Will study face planes today or board something. :D


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