Monday, 15 April 2013

Sketchbook stream!

14th April 2013

Madhu walking
 Madhu and eggs on the bike

 Sketched everywhere I went, starting with the RTO. We went to get my sister (Raina's) license.

 That's her getting her photo clicked and then waiting for processing.

My desperate attempt to draw vehicles better while waiting for a friend to reach. 
 At the beach, watching women sell balloons and slingshots.

Fat lady at café Canapé.
My dad and grandmother

 Practice. Patience. Don't sketch hands for months, you go back by skill in 4 years.

 Drew John Snow after reading GoT book 1.

This was supposed to be 'Ghost' from GoT, it ended up looking like Balto/Disney dog
An iron mason at work, although I couldn't capture it that well.

Went with Raina to the parlour. 

 A view of Margao muncipal garden. :) Was really happy with this one. Mum and sis were really impatient, so I finished it in 2 minutes.

I loved this roof. Although it does look shitty here.

End of stream!

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