Saturday, 6 October 2012

Second Internship!

6th October 2012

Hello blog and its readers, if any! It's been a really long time! I haven't been posting any work lately because I'm so busy working on 2 confidential projects and my Colloquium (pre-graduation thesis paper)! I wish I could post the stuff here but I'm allowed to only when the product is ready. It's an app for children's book stories to be told via the tablet and the digital medium. Learning a lot about translating  story. I'm so used to telling stuff as if it's a film, I'm now trying hard to break from that.

The people I'm working for is a firm called Atnovus Design. It's a Switzerland based firm, so I get to work with people from another beautiful country, and that's another fun part, besides the fact that they are really nice people.

The Mailbox, my graduation film has been on a hold since I am losing it trying to handle so many things at a time. I am longing a year-long holiday now! I wish life was longer and every lasted over 24 hours!

On the sidelines I'm going crazy over The Hunger Games. After the movie came out I was obsessed with it, and I bought the books. I am now on Mockingjay - book 3, and I strongly suggest all you fiction-sci fi lovers to just grab a copy of your own.

That's all for now. Watchout for my regular inspirational animated/live action films.

Okay now bye. :|


  1. Good luck for your Confidential projects....:) and m waiting for The Mailbox...carry on...:D

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Thanks so much, it's very encouraging to hear when you know someone's anticipating your film! :P :)
      You have a nice blog as well, I like your gestures. :)


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