Thursday, 8 September 2011

Badass Babe - Archeress

This is my entry for the latest sketchoholic contest: Badass Babes. Hope I get atleast a few votes. :-s
I took over 7 hours to do this over 3 days, hopefully I'll get fastr at it. I learnt a lot about digital painting, took a lot of reference. Here's some advice:

1.Always ink it to get a clearn picture of the sketch.
2.Put a tinted bg colour so that the paint can be seen well.
3.Always add tones to make sure the lighting is the way you visualized it.
4. Organize, rename and store your layers in folders to avoid confusion. Lock the ones you don't wanna paint over.

And then start painting!

Here's a really good tutorial for digital painting by Reiq.


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