Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Shiftin' Shade Cover art!

15th April 2014

So this is a project I took up for a friend who is an awesome musician. He has recently started Electro-Jazz. His name is Darren Pareira, a.k.a Shiftin' Shade. You can follow him and his upbeat fresh music HERE. I made a cover art for him which may/may not appear on his first Vinyl Album. Here is the entire process with the final results. ;) Enjoy.
Initial explorations that I showed Darren

The final painted artwork. I just went blank when it came to the background, but then I thought I'd leave it that way.

Tried out some filters. I actually liked the last one a lot, Darren even tried an ACID filter which I've tried really hard to find but failed.


  1. Is the last one an Anaglyph...???

  2. Well it's supposed to be, but I couldn't test it out coz I don't have my glasses right now. Test it out n tell me if it works. ;)

  3. I was looking for a 4D glass...! It will also play the music as we look into the Cover Art.... :P


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