Thursday, 27 March 2014

Drifted to erotic art

27th March 2014

So has anyone seen Heroes? You guys remember Isaac Mendes, the artist in Season 1? Remember how he totally zones out while painting, n comes to consciousness only after it is complete?
That's pretty much what happened today. I was storyboarding a funny board, and suddenly started drawing the face of a hot lady. So I cut that drawing out and made it onto another document. And this is the result.

Let me know if you've had such drifting experience, and what you think about this in the comments below. :/


  1. this one is really unusual man. Very different from the style you maintain. And at the same it is so originally you. I love the rawness of the strokes and yet it looks so fine. Drifts are amazing experiences. All my writing is a part of such experiences. Sometimes I have taken life's important decisions as well being in the free spirit state of such drifting moments.

    1. Wow Shubs, thanks so much. Yeah, I mean, I never thought I had a style as such. I was thinking of cleaning up the line drawing before coloring it, but I really liked the rawness too, and this is not for any submission or anything, so yeah. :)

      I think that's true - you're most into what you're doing when you're in a drift. And you allow yourself to think freely.


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