Saturday, 11 January 2014


11th Jan 2014

Comic #1 - Electricity shut down
I realized that I was trying to communicate too much in too little frames. The relevance of the cooking and the salt to the electricity has no relation! So I don't even know why I did it. -__-
Also need to polish comics.. Like draw first, then ink, then color. Maybe if I become more patient. :/

Comic #2 - Hit the bottles
There was a food festival in the colony with live music from kids and good homemade food stalls and stuff. So much enthu from all the neighbours of the Nav Pinnac Kanchenganga society! Made a comic out of the game some people were playing.
What I noticed was that there was an important frame that I'd thought of putting before I even started drawing - a down shot of the girl alculating distance from the bottles etc, but when I started drawing I totally forgot that panel. Also I need to experiment more with comic panel layouts etc. and using cliffhangers and eye-direction techniques to every page. Will come with time and practice I guess. :)

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