Monday, 4 November 2013

Incomplete concept sketches

4th Nov 2013

Some of the first sketches inaugurating the new sketchbook! <3 p="">

I thought I should start with a dream of a beautiful home, a comfortable cane swing, a good book,
 and a dog by a window.

Tried to sketch a good in mad love, but Akshay said it doesn't come through coz she's not facing her phone. I guess he's right. 

A traditional stereotypical sketch of what is Indian. This was the result of attending a beautiful panel discussion on 'What is Indian?'.

Made up an imaginary character called 'The Himalayan Kuqua'! :D Seems cute enough to hug!

Akshay's 'aur kya chahiye' moment. Headphones and a good book. Couldn't survive without him in Nashik.

That's the end of this sketchstream! Until next time. Cheers!

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