Thursday, 16 May 2013

Daenerys Targaryen - The mother of dragons

16th May 2013

This was long overdue. I was dying to make some fanart of Dany (a.k.a: Daenerys Targaryen/The mother of dragons/Khaleesi). And my awesome friend Sid had asked me to do a kickass drawing of a female lead. After learning he's a GoT fan too, I didn't need another reason. This one's for Sid and the years of delay I caused to gift him this!

I absolutely LOVE this character from Game of Thrones and I love the HBO version as well! Hope you guys liked it. Need to learn better anatomy and foreshortening! Explored some brushes as well with this one.

Time taken: 5 hours

Additionally: I gave the piece to Sid, framed. He did expect something, his VALKYRIE. I was hoping he wouldn't be disappointed with Dany, and luckily, he wasn't!! The dude hung it on his wall straight away! And I was worried I'd chosen the wrong colored mount but it looked kinda awesome on his chocolate wall. This is the first artwork of mine that I've framed! ^__^

            After framing before gifting                            After gifting


  1. i am marathoning this series now, so many DVDs so little time :))


  2. Really good nix! love the staging.! love the drama in it. The foreshortened hands appear a little small. But apart from that I dont think this has any issues at all! Crazy job keepit coming maan!

    1. Thanks! Yeah ur right it should have been bigger.. Theenks! New one's up. Check it out.

  3. ^_^ I Sid. I has Khalisa on wall. I is Happy XD!


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