Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Goro Fujita's Speed Painting Gyaan!


Well I'm a big fan of Goro Fujita's work. I've been having a lot of trouble painting my backgrounds and coming to terms with myself regarding the look of the film. Anywho, I was about to request Goro to put up a digital painting tutorial, and then I stumbled upon this! I can't tell you guys how useful this was. It makes everything clear - and as long as you practice it, you'll keep getting better. One major mistake I made was I always kept the bg color white - which doesn't allow me to set the mood or play with the values!

And here's another one on the making of 'the hunt' another one of his works - stepwise.


  1. Thanks this is helpful, having bg issues also with my graphic novel. Not long now before hand-in too D:

    1. Anytime! I just had to share it. Can't wait for your graphic novel!


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