Monday, 26 March 2012

Glen Keane's resignation

26th March 2012

Breaking news in the world of Laminasun! The wonderful Glen Keane has left Disney’s Feature Animation studio. He worked at Disney for round 37 years. For many of us he has been an inspiration, and has taught us so much about animation and characters. He animated lead characters in the Disney classics - Ariel (Little Mermaid), Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Alladin (Alladin), Tarzan (Tarzan), and one of his last characters at Disney - Rapunzel (Tangled) in her 2D form. Even before he left he made sure that even CGI as a medium could be used as a beautiful lifelike artform. He has given so many so much to take back. I will be looking forward to what he brings in next - and I hope the best for him! Thanks sir!

Here're some images of an exclusive article:
Make sure you check out his talks on animating on youtube.

In the news: Disney artists received an email late-Friday afternoon LA time with the text: “Glen Keane has decided that the time has come to take the next step in his personal exploration of the art of animation.” ( Brew has the exclusive full text of Glen Keane’s letter to his co-workers.) Keane had worked at Disney since 1974, though he left the studio in 1986 and worked as a freelancer for a period of time.

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