Saturday, 19 February 2011

Project "Ud Jayega"

Ahem ahem. This is a series of works I've done till date with what I call as, project "ud jayega", a very philo-senti song sung by Kumar Gandharva, but the song is really written by Kabir. The song is about upliftment of of the soul into the world of nature, and seeing everything in a new light. My soul is a woman, and the story board is a depiction of her travel, and return as a part of nature.

This is the roughest stage, and if I've got some time I'll clean it up.

Further on, each of us are making the treatment for the film as we first visualized it. Here are some of the artworks I came up with..


  1. Lovely use of colors. Keep it up. Enjoyed

  2. hi.................who r u .plz replay me.

  3. This is one of my favourite songs. And I am really thrilled to see the challenge you have undertaken. All the best wishes for the film girl!

  4. Nice Story board Sketches :)


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