Saturday, 28 May 2011

FINALLY!!!!! A Pig Story


A Pig Story (with audio) from Nikhita Prabhudesai on Vimeo.

here it is! A pig story!

Sorry for the sad quality guys, I don't have a membership @ vimeo. :P

Verge of completion.

So I'm on the verge of finishing my claymation film - "A Pig Story". Can't wait to put it up on vimeo. The only problem is, there's is absolutely NO PERFECT format in which I can export it. Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy the sound. I worked on it myself, n after sound design I felt confident enough to do something about it. Everyone else is busy. Still looking for a place to stay with pooi and the guys in Mumbai during E Suresh's internship.

80 KB

I might've exaggerated what happened the other night. But here's how it basically went.

The Greedy Pencil

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